The Classic WINKS


The original Adult Massage in London



100% pure WINKS



Newly offered in five durations for your unbridled

sensual gratification:


available only to first time clients






For a richerfuller and deeper introduction to an unforgettable experience, WINKS sensibly recommend a duration of 90min with ELM(*).





Quintessensually WINKS


The quintessential embodiment of The WINKS Massage as well as your first foray into a dazzling dimension of dizzying intimate sensory intensity, The Classic WINKS is devotedly prized by sensual massage enthusiasts the world-over as the definitive reference of all sensual, naturist adult massages.


Evocative of a rare Petrus demanding to be delicately savoured, richly rewarding senses with an exquisite bouquet and luxurious texture, The Classic WINKS Adult Massage continuously entices all senses with a relentless, luxuriating crescendo of tactile indulgence as delicate touches glide effortlessly across, her candle-lit, shimmering naked body slowly moving toward yours, skilfully and playfully acknowledging every exposed square-inch of your eagerly quivering body, irresistibly drawing you into a novel universe of Pure Bliss for an unforgettable time-stopping experience…


(*) The Enhanced Leisure Massage – ELM


Another unique creation exclusive to WINKS, the ELM has been carefully designed as the ideal stress-relieving introduction to ensure the best preparation to appreciate the intimate intensity of The Classic WINKS in full. Equally established as a firm favourite with our regular Clients intent on further intensifying their WINKS Experience. 





WINKS London exclusively use hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining WINKS® Premium Massage Oil as well as smokeless candles and incense.


Kindly refer to FAQ, Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best WINKS Experience.

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prices exclude transportation; Central London bookings may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote


please note all bookings outside of WINKS business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge


WINKS London reserve the right at all times to change any indicated price without prior notice

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