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Friday 20th Mar 2009      16:17:30

WINKS quality masseuses are unique because they combine the gift of outer beauty with the gifts of inner peace and tranquillity as they take you on a serene journey that guides and lifts you to great heights. WINKS quality masseuses offer the most personal, touching and deeply fulfilling service that will ignite emotions and initiate the most intense emotions and desires. WINKS quality masseuses work through intensely intimate practices that will delight even those who have experienced personal massages before. WINKS quality masseuses will reignite the inner core of the most jaded of connoisseurs through a wonderful series of ancient and meditative practices that deepen the sensual link between a man and a woman.

WINKS quality masseuses will awaken the Divine Chakras that lie within us all and the WINKS quality masseuses will guide you as you savour unlimited levels of intense ecstatic bliss. WINKS quality masseuses have studied the ancient philosophies that have grown through the centuries in countries such as India and Tibet. The philosophy of WINKS quality masseuses is to combine the spirit with the physical and to reignite the chemistry that two people can make together. WINKS quality masseuses believe in working in the nude. The main focus of the WINKS quality masseuses is to encapsulate and stimulate so that the pleasure is both shared and also intensely personal.

WINKS quality masseuses will often focus on tantric elements which is an awareness of two bodies being together and melding into one to be enlightened and achieve the kind of relaxation that comes through building from within and not simply through physical manipulation. WINKS quality masseuses combine various types of physical, emotional and spiritual psyche to ensure that the experience is totally fulfilling and that often there is a chance to work through the sensations a second time to achieve a no less intense experience but one that is not entwined with the stresses of modern day living. WINKS quality masseuses who work for WINKS London provides the ultimate sensual massage in London and will always work from the outside in to reach deep and often buried emotions and desires.

WINKS quality masseuses work with their hands to give intense pleasure and to share an intensely personal and satisfying time together. WINKS quality masseuses celebrate life with people who want to share something deeply personal and special. WINKS quality masseuses seek to achieve a dynamic balance with their partner that involves the liberating effects of a sensual massage. Through WINKS, quality masseuses can be enriched from head to toe by touches that build and climb yet relax and release. WINKS quality masseuses often provide sessions that are part of the Tantric methodology for self-fulfilment. This kind of massage by WINKS quality masseuses practise the ancient method of purifying the mind and body, and in the hands of WINKS quality masseuses there is true enlightenment and complete satisfaction.

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Author: Laura Piana