What makes a good WINKS masseuse?

Thursday 23rd Apr 2009      08:29:11

The question as to what makes a good masseuse is one that is answered everyday by WINKS London. Many young women apply to become a WINKS masseuse but only a very few are chosen and the ones that are have very special qualities. The first consideration is how the young woman looks in appearance. A WINKS masseuse has to be absolutely beautiful from top to toe and everywhere in between. During the course of her work she will be using her entire body and it must be flawless and toned to perfection. Men and women who enjoy sensual massages are looking for a female masseuse who is totally feminine and has all the right curves. Long limbs are essential for a WINKS masseuse to have as well as attractively shaped breasts and buttocks. Of course, a smile goes a very long way but it must be part of a lovely face. Beautiful hair is also a major selling point for any young woman who would like to make a good living from being a WINKS masseuse.

Once the quality of the young woman

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Author: Laura Piana