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Friday 24th Dec 2010      10:32:32

People who spend a great deal of time travelling to different destinations throughout the world tend to have a greater appreciation of all that is fine and luxurious. The art world can provide a great outlet for expanding the mind for the intellectually curious individual, and London is the epicentre of all that is new, vibrant and creative, and holds some of the most iconic and traditional pieces of art available across the globe. Thousands flock to London every day to immerse themselves in the arts and culture that this fabulous city provides. With a strong appreciation of body and form, the variety of arts offered will simply bedazzle even the well-travelled tourist.

Being central to the global art scene, London offers many opportunities for its visitor to see some of the most outstanding art pieces. There is a host of prestigious and renowned art galleries to visit in areas such as Hoxton and Mayfair. These art locations are very popular, but those in the know also tend to opt for art fairs these days. One of the most sought after art fairs is Frieze, which offers an international forum to see the latest the art scene has to offer. Mingling with the the A list crowd, there are some fantastic festivities to behold in this arty world.

For those who know class and style when they see it, Mayfair is one of the most refined parts of London. Mayfair offers the wealthy shopper an alternative to the mainstream hustle and bustle. It hosts boutiques and salons with buzzers at the door welcoming guests into their exclusive rooms. To find the best in cutting edge fashion explore Cork Street and Bond Street.

Art lovers hankering after bygone eras, and with a love and appreciation of traditional art pieces, will find Agnews to be a great place to start. It first opened in 1817 and offers paintings and drawings dating back to 1200 from the best of the old masters. Here there are dreamy British watercolours from centuries gone by and French art from the impressionist and post-impressionist genres. For a more contemporary take on art head to White Cube, founded in 1993. This avant garde gallery is one of the most talked about and influential across the globe.

With a love of all that is beautiful and artistic, a day discovering the jewels of the art scene would not be complete without a visiting massage in London from a WINKS Masseuse. A WINKS Massage provides truly divine pleasure akin to experiencing a fine piece of art for the first time.

A full body massage in London by a WINKS Masseuse is an extravagance that you will feel more than justifies its price. The preparation is detailed to ensure every wish and preference is met. The WINKS Masseuse sets the mood perfectly with ultra relaxing lighting, music and scented oils. Then, with expert hands, she will take her client on a journey of exquisite pleasure and delight. A WINKS Naked Massage is a genuine work of art.

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Author: Laura Piana