Let her come to you

Wednesday 30th Sep 2009      11:50:05

For a visiting massage London WINKS is the place to call, as our lovely ladies will come to you at your own venue to ensure your ultimate relaxation. People have stress in their daily lives that eventually impacts on their jobs, their relationships and their social life. Life is hectic and yes, you could go to a massage parlour, but the whole effect is ruined when you have to get up and leave. This is what makes WINKS so popular; our ladies are visiting massage experts in London.

Taking care of everything

Your WINKS masseuse will arrive promptly and bring her own oils, music and candles to set the mood for the most relaxing massage of your life. You are only required to take your clothes off, lie down and completely relax while she sets soothing music and sensual light candles around the room. Once she is set up she will remove her clothes, stand totally relaxed and then start the massage.

What to expect

Usually your visiting massage London masseuse will start with you lying face down and start using various massage techniques across your back, neck and legs. She will only use pure silicon oils to ensure no allergic reaction to the massage oils. She keeps her hands gliding across your body without ever breaking the contact while using rhythmic strokes. As she moves her hands across your body she will alternative with long stokes and deeper strokes. A WINKS visiting massage London is never a rushed affair to ensure complete relaxation and satisfaction. She will move her hands continuously over your body from your shoulders, across your back and continue down your legs.

Her hands will return upwards again kneading and massaging your legs, buttocks, back and shoulders all the time. Once she has completely relaxed and tantalised you from head to toe she will ask you to turn over and start the journey from the front. Again she will start using various massage techniques across your legs, thighs, abdomen and across your chest using lazy, long strokes.

Your body will be pampered, soothed and invigorated all at the same time until you simply have no stress left anymore. Your visiting massage London masseuse will linger over each area of your body to ensure that you receive the most benefits of the relaxation techniques combined with the various massage techniques.

Complete satisfaction

What makes a WINKS visiting massage London session so incredibly good is first of all that all our masseuses are highly experienced in all the massage techniques. She will use all her knowledge to ensure that you have the complete experience of being pampered in the privacy of your own location at a time that suits you.