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Sunday 12th Dec 2010      09:48:41

Every year millions of people flock to London for many different reasons. The city is the centre of all that is luxurious, decadent and plush. From the grand and splendid architecture, both old and contemporary, to the vibrant fashion and music scenes, as well as the mouth watering cuisine, there is something to entice and satisfy everyone.

Many travellers will come to London to soak up the cultural sights and sounds. The city is steeped in history and has many points of interest to delight the eye and stretch the mind. If travellers are looking for something more than just a sightseeing trip and want to come away feeling that they have learnt and grown as a person, then there are plenty of opportunities to pick up something new.

Throughout the city there are many lectures, exhibitions and events to attend. The London museums often have opening hours throughout the day and evening, with special events offered. There is never a dull moment and London visitors will find something that appeals to them. At the resplendent Victoria & Albert Museum visitors can enjoy over 27,000 works that are open to the public to view. The magnificent collections include glittering jewellery, sumptuous Asian artwork and other artefacts from the UK and Middle East from romantic eras gone by. The riches and glamour of bygone eras will appeal to those that have a fine appreciation of all that is opulent and extravagant.

Having soaked up plenty of cultural delights, retail therapy may be just what the doctor ordered. Fashion hunters will find many fantastic shops on offer to while away the day splashing the cash on expensive treats and designer buys. Here in London there is to be found some of the finest shops in the world. There are some amazing boutiques, upscale shops and clothiers who offer bespoke designs and tailoring. Seek out some of the best shopping experiences in Piccadilly, Bond, Oxford and Regent Streets.

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Author: Laura Piana