A night in with WINKS

Thursday 24th Mar 2011      09:54:11

London is a magnificent place to stay, not only for the sights and the heady, exciting atmosphere, but for the range of five star accommodation available. For those who travel internationally, London is a superior proposition when compared to its rivals across Europe. Although the likes of Milan and Paris have their own special allure, London is a truly international city and is sure to bewitch and enchant those that opt to stay here with its quintessentially English charm tempered by a contemporary cutting edge.

There are many opulent hotels to choose from when looking for somewhere to stay. The likes of the Berkley and Savoy offer a high class place to reside. These venues are not just places to rest the head at night, but offer grand and luxurious surroundings to dine and meet in. The May Fair is another prestigious five star hotel that is based in London

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Author: Laura Piana