A Life of Luxury

Friday 8th Oct 2010      10:00:28

The whole idea of luxury is very subjective; what one person considers to be a luxury is something every-day and quite mundane to another. Generally though luxury goods are those that appeal to the senses, and all of them come at a price. Fine fabrics that feel amazing to the touch are always going to be more costly, just as gourmet foods such as truffles and the very best wines will be sold at a premium. Not only are they the most enjoyable but they also tend to be the rarest so unless you are particularly wealthy then luxury is synonymous with the occasional treat.

One thing that has increasingly become a luxury, in these busy days, is time. More specifically time to switch off from all the demands of life and concentrate exclusively on oneself. The busier the world becomes the less time people have to themselves, and studies show that this is neither healthy nor desirable so it is actually beneficial to take time out and indulge in the luxury of complete relaxation.

Relaxation through massage has been understood for years and for those lucky enough to be staying at the best hotels and serviced apartments in London, their concierges know exactly who to contact for the ultimate in relaxing sensual massage in the city. The concierges in these kind of establishments take their time to find out the best massage in London, it is in the interests of their clients and therefore in their own interest to recommend only the cream. Just as they would not recommend a poor theatre production or inferior restaurant they would never recommend an indiscreet or substandard massage in London service.

Concierges throughout London recommend WINKS to clients who are looking for a total relaxation experience. The service is strictly a visiting massage in London where the masseuses come to the client so that, rather than travelling across town, the client can take a shower and relax in anticipation of what is to come. The emphasis of the whole WINKS Experience is on relaxation and enjoyment. The masseuses are all incredibly good looking and take a huge amount of pride in their personal grooming but naturally they are also discreet and professional in their appearance.

From the moment she arrives, the masseuse will set about creating an atmosphere that helps her client unwind beneath her highly-skilled fingers. The lighting will be softened, candles will be lit whose aroma is specifically selected to encourage the easing of tension and oils will be applied to the client.

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Author: Laura Piana