Unravelling the Mystery of Tantric Massage

Tuesday 12th Jul 2011      10:09:07

Tantric massage and the traditions of Tantra are experiencing an exciting rebirth across the globe. However in the west most people are still unclear about what this kind of exotic massage is. The whole concept of tantric massage is tantalisingly intriguing to many. There is an air of secrecy and mystery about this exotic massage art making it something of a fascination.

Tantric massage can be both mysterious and stimulating. The mysteries of tantric massage are best explored through the expert guidance of a trained masseuse. In London WINKS have developed an unprecedented choice of sensual massage services and are internationally recognised for their expertise in exotic massage. Their beautiful masseuses expertly create the perfect ambience either at a chosen luxury hotel room or within the sanctuary of your own home. Here you can safely unravel the intriguing layers of Tantric massage and begin your journey into the higher realms of sensual pleasure.

Tantric massage works in layers. Initially massage and touch is used to relax the body. The main focus will be on the back of the recipient where most people carry the stresses and strains of life. There may be areas where stiffness and stress has focused and these knots will be gently and expertly loosened to prepare the body. The focus of the tantric massage will then move to other areas of the body for maximum sensation and benefit.

Couples can also benefit from tantric massage. A team of masseuses may work with a couple or others may prefer one WINKS Masseuse to carry out the sensual massage on each partner in turn. What makes tantra so special is that it can be tailored to the individual needs of the couple. Breathing techniques are incorporated which enhance the feelings of pleasure and through enabling the body and mind to relax at a deeper level amplifies the sensual stimulation.

Whether on your own or with your partner, a WINKS Massage will leave you with feelings of pleasure and deep bliss. If Tantric massage intrigues you, take steps to explore all its possibilities.

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Author: Laura Piana