The power of positive feelings with Tantra massage

Saturday 18th Jun 2011      16:43:44

Incorporating Tantra and tantric massage into life can enable people to integrate a deeper level of consciousness in day-to-day activities feeling at one with themselves and the world around them. Using tantric massage alone can help to dissolve inner conflicts and release bodily tensions allowing both mind and body to integrate into a complete being.

Everything that can be experienced in life can be spiritual whether taking part in meditation, relaxing with a sensual massage or simply enjoying an evening meal. It can be easy to feel that the activities we take part in lack may a deeper dimension. Becoming a fully realised person can also seem a transitory experience. With so many demands on time and attention, staying in touch with the body and its senses can be a challenge. However often by making the conscious decision to live as a multi-dimensional person, life can become more meaningful.

By setting aside time to experience the blissful sensations of tantric massage, it is possible to reconnect with the self on all levels. WINKS offer an extensive collection of exquisitely sensual massage services. Their innovative and unique concept massages allows their devotees to welcome incomparable sensuality into the comfort of their homes or within the sanctuary of a hotel suite.

The sexy WINKS Masseuses are naturally gifted in nude massage and deliver a perfectly composed sensual experience guaranteed to awaken both mind and senses. This oasis of calm and pleasure can help to reprogramme the mind. Negative sensual experiences are replaced by positive touch. The pain of past traumas can be lessened as tantric massage teaches its receivers of the positive value of touch which can powerfully reconnect people to their inner sense of self and sensuality.

Tantric massage teaches people to honour themselves and follow their own bliss. Often we are taught from an early age to deny ourselves pleasure but in doing so people are often denying their inner instincts and bodily senses. This can lead to great unhappiness and a sense of dissatisfaction with relationships and the community as a whole. Include naked massage in your lifestyle regularly and honour your body and its needs.

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Author: Mary Mae Suson