Release Old Habits with Tantric Massage

Saturday 30th Jul 2011      10:26:24

Tantric massage is a technique routed in the traditions and ancient spiritual belief system of Tantra. Today it offers both men and women a powerful means to experience sensuality on a truly deep level.

Fighting ingrained body patterns

Changing the way the body and mind behaves is one of the most challenging things to tackle when trying to develop on a personal level. Even when you have mentally decided you want to change a certain pattern, your body can refuse.

This is very true when addressing issues surrounding sensuality. Bodies can completely refuse to release a negative habit or association. Many people struggle to relax or feel frustrated and feel unable to enjoy sensual pleasure despite having a wish to do so on the mental level. The body has a memory. Just as it remembers good sensations, it also remembers the bad. It responds in an intuitive way, reacting to experience. The body will therefore either open trustfully or close down according to its memory. The body will not understand mental messages telling it to change - only new positive experiences will eradicate limiting patterns.

Creating positive sensual experiences with tantric massage

Sensual pleasure cannot be approached with mathematical precision. Sensual touch should be a mystical experience that far transcends the need for intellectual concepts and words. Through tantric massage, men or women can allow their bodies to take over the mind and take them in a journey to the heart of their sensuality. A masseuse expert in intimate sensual massage can facilitate the reconnecting with body, spirit and mind in a way which is both natural and beautiful.

WINKS are internationally recognised for offering the most luxuriously sensual range of exotic massage services available. The expertise of the WINKS Masseuses allows the recipient to rebuild faith with their bodies and rediscover themselves. Every sensorial pore of the body becomes reawakened through the beauty of the tantric massage.

Within the sanctuary of their own home or a hotel room, the recipient is given space to listen to their own needs and become intuitively sensitive to what their own bodies feel. WINKS understand that by using positive touch and sensations, people can begin to develop their capacity to experience higher levels of sensual pleasure and release old habits and responses. Many may feel that experiencing exotic massage is out of their reach. However through this luxurious service, WINKS offer a truly accessible a way to bring tantric massage and all its benefits into their lifestyle.

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Author: Laura Piana