Men and Tantric Massage

Wednesday 9th Sep 2009      11:00:52

Traditionally men are subjected to immense pressures to perform not only at work, but in sports, relationships and on the social front. Men are expected to be accomplished and be the providers. This is what makes tantric massage too good for men as there simply are no goals to reach with a tantric massage. All that is expected of men during a tantric massage is to be completely receptive.

Before the WINKS masseuse arrives it is always imperative for the man to have a warm shower or bath and then just relax until she arrives. A tantric massage is a sensual full body massage that attunes your senses inward and allows the mind to be focused on the self.

Tantra deals with issues

This allows all the pleasure receptors to engage and deepens the awareness of the physical, mental and emotional. A masseuse trained in tantric massage knows how to stimulate the chakras through expert hand movements and eye contact. In this way negative and any old imprinting and trauma is healed in the subconscious. Men are just as susceptible to issues of abuse, rejection and abandonment as women.

Tantric massage accesses this through the Muladhara [root chakra] which is located at the base of the spine. Thus, any issues of commitment, finances and insecurities that reside in the sub conscious can be healed effectively. The focused intention and loving energy of tantric massage work to bring all the centres back into harmony. It heals emotional wounds inflicted and it brings a great increase in the ability to feel sensation that is pleasurable.

Learn who you are

Tantric massage is an experience that has great impact on the man receiving it and for each person the experience will be different. Some experience a great physical release while others have a great release of emotions. It is not unusual for people to have dreams that are powerful for nights after having a tantric massage. An experienced tantric massage acts as a healing guide. Tantric massage is more than simply a massage; it is a deeply spiritual and loving experience that most men find unforgettable and truly transforming.

Heightened awareness

Through tantric massage men gain the ability to be in a heightened state of physical and mental arousal for long periods of time as they learn about every facet of themselves. They learn about their heard, spirit, mind; everything about what is going on inside their bodies. Tantric massage gives men the ability for greater emotional intimateness that allows them to achieve intimate bliss far easier.

Through tantric massage men learn an unknown capacity for being able to relax into a complete state of pleasure. They can achieve levels of awareness they were unaware even existed. WINKS have experienced tantric masseuses that will visit you at your own venue to accompany you on this journey of self-discovery. You simply have to make a booking with one WINKS receptionist and your masseuse will arrive at a time that fits your schedule.