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Monday 4th Oct 2010      10:00:26

In the sixties, London was known as the swinging capital of not just Great Britain, but the whole world. Before that, as the capital city of the Commonwealth, it was the holy grail of many a tourist trail and now, in the 21st Century, it still holds its own as a tourist attraction. The modern London emphasizes luxury. Shopping visitors will head to Harrods rather than Carnaby Street and music lovers will be more likely to take in a West End show than walk up Abbey Road.

London boasts some of the best luxury hotels in the world. Here, the staff understands that there is more to luxury than a hot towel. They are employed to provide their guests with a discreet and understated service; it is all about making sure that the guests have everything they need without it being intrusive. The best hotels, naturally, have the best concierges who can lay their hands on the best tickets for shows, book the best restaurants and advise on the best things to see and to experience. One of the services they often suggest to guests is a visiting massage and the company that they recommend to provide the ultimate in luxury massages in London is WINKS.

WINKS London was created specifically for the demanding and discerning client who regards first-class service as the very least that one should expect. This means that a WINKS Massage does not fit into the economy bracket but then the clients that partake of a WINKS Full Body Massage are not looking for anything less than pure personal indulgence under the expert hands of the best masseuses in the city, if not the world. Of course they are stunningly beautiful and, naturally, they are extremely talented. It goes without saying that they are extremely discreet but what sets them apart is that they are also intelligent and empathic enough to make the experience intensely pleasurable for both the body and the mind of their client.

This is a service that not only comes highly-recommended by concierges but has even been written about in the London papers which were lavish with their praise for the whole experience. In order for the customer to gain the greatest benefit, their well-being and enjoyment is the prime concern of everyone involved. This becomes obvious from the first contact with the WINKS Valet who takes the booking for a tantric massage. It is their job to discern the requirements of each client and match them with the right masseuse to ensure that the experience is perfect.

An hour or two of sensual massage with luxurious oils and perfumed candles creating a delightful ambiance leaves the mind and the body in a state of total relaxation, and with the expertise of the right masseuse the client is encouraged to fully indulge in the experience of being in the moment of pure bliss. London offers the best in many areas and sensual massage in London is certainly one for those who want the very best. The WINKS London experience should not be missed.

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Author: Laura Piana