Gourmet food and tantric massage

Monday 21st Mar 2011      09:44:27

When arriving in London for the first time, it strikes one as a real treat for the uninitiated. The city has an exciting and bustling vibe, with plenty of new and breathtaking sights and sounds. There is much to appeal to travellers with an appreciation for all that is magnificent and stylish. If visitors to this vibrant city enjoy fine wines, mouth-watering cuisine, and the finer things in life, then they simply cannot go wrong. There are many exclusive and high end restaurants to choose from. Amaya, Nobu or Petrus are but a few of the trendy and select restaurants on offer, with an enviable international reputation and a waiting list to match.

Many visitors to the UK will want to try out the pub culture and London gives plenty of opportunity to do just that. Modern and contemporary gastro pubs are the order of the day, and there are notable venues catering for the elite. Connoisseurs can enjoy some fantastic cuisine in the guise of an English pub whilst sampling some traditional made and specialist ales and fine wines. When it comes to big names London has them all; Gordon Ramsey has many restaurants in the city that have proven to be wildly popular. Mossimans is also somewhere were those with refined palates will feel at home, and those with an eye for aesthetics and design will be bowled over by the surroundings of Gourmonds.

Following a day of sampling all the tempting delights that London has to offer take time to enjoy the sanctuary of the five star accommodation. There are many fantastic hotels available in the city which will impress not only for their outstanding interiors, rich history and outstanding personal service but how they open up the world to another exquisite experience - that of a tantric massage. WINKS Visiting Massage in London is renowned worldwide, and if guests have a finely developed palate for good foods they will also appreciate this service.