An indulgent and sensual art-form

Thursday 3rd Mar 2011      15:59:41

People from across the world are attracted to the chic sophistication of London city life. This stunningly beautiful city has much to offer those that are drawn to the opulent and luxurious whether they are looking for an highly personalised service or access to an exclusive venue or event. Visitors may be attracted to London in pursuit of lavish surroundings and the chance to unwind whereas others may find themselves in the city for business. London attracts a wide range of many of global high-flyers and business leaders who can appreciate this business capital and the opulent services it has to offer when the working day comes to an end.

Those who appreciate the grandeur and refinement of London will also value the range of high-end five star establishments available to stay in. There are some truly extravagant hotels to spend time in enjoying a vintage wine or two and sampling some of the finest cuisine Europe has to offer. What makes these hotels stand out from those in Paris and Milan is that they understand how to treat their revered guests ensuring every wish is met and that service is provided to a level of standard that only money can buy. In addition to plush and stylish rooms there are a range of exclusive services available to guests from beauty treatments to high cuisine to divinely seductive naked massage.

When in London there is no better place to sample some of the most indulgent treats available. For those who want to spoil themselves with one of the most exotic and electrifying experiences then a WINKS Full Body Massage in London should not be missed. This naked massage is the ultimate bliss inducing and sensual mind and body experience. To check the credentials of WINKS simply ask the opinion of the hotel concierge. They will always recommend the WINKS Masseuses over and above any other massage service available. Clients of WINKS hold their masseuses in extremely high regard and come back time and time again to enjoy the splendour of these sensual woman and the delectable sensations they achieve in their clients. These stunningly beautiful women are trained to be highly skilled in not only the techniques of naturist massage but how to create the appropriate ambience so that clients are fully relaxed and can await their breathtaking masseuse with anticipation in the privacy of their hotel room.

Using WINKS Premium Massage Oil a WINKS Masseuse will prepare the body of their client for their nude massage. London luxury services cannot rival this truly stress-freeing and intoxicating experience. Taking guidance from the WINKS Valet these woman are trained to adapt and customise this skin tingling experience to the needs and preferences of their clients. For maximum enjoyment their skilled hands will stroke and tantalise the body using oils and scents to stimulate the senses creating the most blissful sensations and most exquisite satisfaction. This refined and sophisticated service will leave an indelible mark on the consciousness ensuring that every tantric massage in London can only be a WINKS one.

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Author: Laura Piana