Visit the WINKS temple of Tantra

Sunday 13th Dec 2015      18:09:04

She enters the room, a mirage of staggering beauty from another realm. The flickering candle light caresses her exquisite curves, teasing every single inch. Time stops at the touch of her expert fingers as they glaze over every part of your transfixed body. Catch your breath, and surrender to your sensual desires.

WINKS London will awaken all of your sensory fantasies as you indulge in the most intimate tantric massage experience of your life. Feel your masseuse's supple skin brush yours as she wears nothing but a smile, and revel in the dizzying heights of your blissful sensations exacted only by her expert touch. Your unbridled pleasure is achieved by harnessing exotic techniques inspired by faraway lands, and your personal masseuse is the master of your body. Let her transport you to a place where nothing but your heaving, glistening bodies exist as all of your exotic dreams are realised.

Only WINKS has the most delectable selection of masseuses for you to savour, with the most skillful hands. Relish in her unrivalled beauty, as you seek out the luxurious WINKS temple of tantra for an unforgettable massage that will make your body quiver with delight, while she teases it with her unashamed hands; she is devoted to your ecstasy. Don't be fooled by her playful demeanour and dazzling smile; she is the best, as only WINKS offer an all-consuming, luxury experience to enrich every one of your senses, the ultimate in sophistication.

Smell, sight, touch... only WINKS masseuse's have the key to unlock your most primal sensory desires. Inhale the heady aroma of candles evocative of far eastern lands, drink in every curve of her sumptuous form, and allow your body to be taken over like never before.

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Author: Laura Piana