The spiritual healing power of sensual massage

Wednesday 8th Jul 2009      14:02:56

Massage has been used as a healing therapy for many years, if not centuries. Most people know that massage can alleviate sore and stiff muscles. Everyone knows about the power of a good massage to relieve stress. However, did you know about the power of massage for sensual and spiritual healing? If not, then you need to wise up to its effects and the benefits it holds in store for you.

Sensual massage with elements of Tantra is more than just a pleasurable experience. It is more than just a way to relieve tension and stress. It is also a way to unblock your energy centres, or chakras. Sensual massage is a way to ensure a more fulfilling and powerful intimate experience with your own partner.

Setting the mood

At WINKS we offer you the option of sensual massage with all the trimmings included. Your masseuse will set the scene and the mood with massage oils, music of your choice or befitting the atmosphere being created and her own radiant beauty. There will be something to entice and ease each of your senses; soft, sensual touch, a gorgeous masseuse to feast your eyes on, smells to entice and delight, soothing music. To experience the true healing potential of sensual massage from WINKS, the mood needs to be and is set expertly for your pure enjoyment and benefit.

What you will receive

Sensual massage with Tantra is aimed at your unadulterated pleasure and benefit. You will receive expert massage to ease away stress, trauma and inhibitions. Every inch of your body and intimate personality will be explored and enticed. Your chakras will be unblocked, opened and cleaned of all negative energy and stress hiding within. You will receive a full body, mind and soul experience. It will leave you satisfied and recharged.

What are the after effects?

The effects of sensual massage are far reaching and certainly very far from disappointing or even mediocre. Our sensual massage will help you to reach new intimacy heights within yourself and with your chosen partner. Our masseuse will help you to unlock your kundalini energy and explore it to its full potential. In exploring this vital energy you will reach your full sensual potential.

Your talented and skilled masseuse will also help you to unlock your chakra energy centres. This will help you release negative energy that could be holding you back and magnifying your stress. You can shrug off all of that stress, tension and harboured emotions to embrace every aspect of your life anew. Sensual massage can also help you unblock chakra energy that will help you let go of guilt, inhibitions and past trauma.

All of this will enhance your physical health and allow you to fully experience intimacy. Sensual massage is meant to be more than relaxing, it is meant to be a full body awakening. Stop coasting along, experiencing your own intimacy and that of your partner only half way. Sensual massage can help you heal your mind, body and soul for a fuller and more electrifying experience.

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Author: Laura Piana