The powerful history of tantric massage

Friday 13th Jan 2012      16:06:34

Tantric massage is one of the many beautiful practices that have been handed down from the Tantra belief system. It is said that this exotic massage and philosophy was derived from many ancient cultures worshipping the link between female sensuality and the power of creation. Throughout many civilisations in Tibet, China, India and Egypt using meditation, yoga made massage the power of sensuality and was accessed to enable a person to achieve physical healing, the ability to experience ecstasy and bliss and spiritual enlightenment. Over time the connection to the inner Goddess started to weaken as technology developed and rather than celebrate sensuality many religions and societies began to fear it.

Over the centuries there have been times when the secrets of sensual massage and Tantric healing have been almost exterminated as people fearful of the power of sensual energy tried to suppress this knowledge. There are many experts that say due to this inner conflict between the innate sensual being and the prejudices of modern day society, people often suffer from the effects of a fragmented psyche.

Fortunuately today there is a strong re-emergence of tantric massage services which are being embraced by both men and women. WINKS is recognised for its unique massage London concept across the globe. By bringing this truly sensual art to people in their homes or within the luxurious confines of a five star hotel suite or home, naturally gifted and beautiful masseuses are able to reconnect their clients to their potent sensual energy. A journey of extreme bliss and unadulterated pleasure can then commence.

Author: Laura Piana