Sensual fascination with tantric massage

Friday 6th Jan 2012      16:06:22

Many people have a disconnected relationship with sensuality. They are fascinated with it, crave its pleasures and yet are also estranged from it. Sensual images are to be seen in many advertisements from cars to ice-cream to hair shampoo. As children, people are shielded from it and are often in uproar about references on the school curriculum about it and consequently, as adults, feel awkward talking about it in a public environment. However, the fascination remains strong. One incredible way in which people can explore this mystery of sensuality is by using exotic massage.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy that worships the power of sensuality and uses tantric massage as one of its practices. It has evolved from many cultures that use meditation, breathing and yoga practices to access the power of sensual energy.

The fear and intrigue that surrounds sensuality can be traced back to the fact that this innate energy can be found deep within. However, throughout childhood, education and social conditioning people become suspicious of it. Throughout history, ancient cultures have revered sensuality often representing it in the form of a Goddess. Tantric massage reincarnates that Goddess within using the skilful and sensual expertise of beautiful London masseuses. Massage is one of the most effective ways of reconnecting a person with their inner self and WINKS have developed a unique and luxuriously sensual massage London style that can be enjoyed within the home or a chosen sumptuous hotel room.

Using the power of touch, people can shed their fear and reconnect with their sensuality to enjoy the unending pleasure achievable.

Author: Laura Piana