Why the Wealthy Come to London

Wednesday 20th Oct 2010      10:00:37

There are many reasons why the wealthy from all around the world are attracted to London. Partly the reason is historical. As the capital of a huge empire, London was the pinnacle, a place that the newly-wealthy aspired to visit and did so for centuries as part of the grand tour. Of course times have changed and whilst London may no longer be the centre of the world it is still full of treasures that wealthy visitors wish to see, or in some cases, to buy. It is no accident that much of the most expensive property in the capital is now owned by non-British owners.

For the wealthy visitor the wonderful five-star hotels of central London are the place to stay whilst seeing the city. When one travels extensively the concierge is the best indicator of how good a hotel truly is, they can make all the difference between an average-albeit-luxury stay, and a fantastic stay. They will have their ear to the ground and know where the best places are to eat, to shop and to be seen, and if their wealthy guests are looking for something a little more personal, such as a sensual massage, they will know exactly who to recommend.

For a top-class luxury massage they are most likely to recommend WINKS London to their guests. Naturally the price is high because the service is designed specifically for wealthy men, and women, who know the difference between a standard service and something that is far superior. WINKS Massages are renowned as the best in the city and many of their clients will actually book first sensual massage in London with a WINKS Masseuse, her appearance and personal presentation may well take the breath away; all are stunning in appearance and have outstanding physical attributes.

However, looks alone do not make for a great naked massage.

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Author: Laura Piana