What Is Tantra?

Tuesday 31st Mar 2009      16:21:14

There is no simple answer to the question, what is Tantra? To try and find the words to describe something so personal, so wonderful, so spiritual, so powerful is almost impossible which is why so many people ask: what is tantra and how can it be applied to massage? The answer can probably be best described by WINKS London masseuses who are young women who have studied and practised the immense skills that are required to give and share a true and divine tantric experience during a massage. You will need to experience other forms of deep massage first as the intense feelings, emotions and sensations of a true tantric experience can be completely overwhelming.

A sensual massage in the hands and bodies of the beautiful young women who work for WINKS London are like mountain guides taking you up to the peaks of the Himalayas but no-one ever chooses to climb Everest as a first peak. If you are asking what is tantra in massage?

Filed under: Sensual Massage
Author: Laura Piana