The Powerful Effects of Sensuality with Massage

Saturday 9th Jul 2011      10:03:25

Sensual massage is an integral element of the spiritual belief system Tantra. This ancient tradition was developed within the Himalayas at a time when most religions looked upon sensuality and spirituality as two opposing forces. However Tantra was a new and revolutionary approach which united the two instead.

Tantric massage should be performed by a skilled masseuse and through these ancient techniques well being and health can be restored and the recipient provided insights into the deeper meaning of life.

Powerful effects of Tantric massage

Touch and massage are powerful elements in tantric massage but as with all aspects of Tantra, deep breathing and visualisation techniques are pivotal. When combined they have a powerful effect on every individual and impact each level of a person's being. Issues on a physical, emotional or spiritual level can be released using this form of sensual massage. There are some profound health benefits that can be achieved as stress is released from the body and the immune system is boosted and sustained. On an emotional level negative feelings and past psychological traumas can be soothed away helping a person to move on and replace bad experiences with new positive ones. Intimate connections with a partner can reach new realms using Tantra as a couple massage.

Tantric massage - the gateway to heaven

However the advantages of this exotic massage extend further. This massage can open the doors to a new understanding of self and spiritual awakening. The amplified levels of pleasure that can be achieved with tantra massage can help a person break through the boundaries of space and time to experience feelings of divine love and unity. Even for those who have no belief system and believe in only the tangible, visible and scientific, Tantric massage can be a gateway to heavenly bliss. Tantric massage can be a life changing experience, providing reality with a radiant and luminous aspect. No matter what your background or beliefs, tantric massage has the power to achieve great personal transformation.

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Author: Laura Piana