The Power of Touch and Sensual Massage

Monday 18th Jul 2011      10:13:25

As humans we are capable of experiencing high levels of pleasure using the five senses of the body which includes smell, sound, taste, sight and most of all, touch. This is where sensual massage can have a hugely positive effect on your sense of wellbeing. It is said that the act of touch feeds the soul. A happy and well rounded person needs to have regular tactile experiences to be truly fulfilled. As much of our brain is geared up to tactile and sensory stimulus, it is an essential part of maintaining mental, emotional and physical health. Without it we become tense and emotionally hardened. Our connection with others becomes difficult and stilted and we lose our sense of self.

Tantra and tantric massage incorporates many yogic traditions. This form of sensual massage focuses on the energy centres throughout the body known as chakras. The Heart chakra is said to be connected to touch. Through being touched and touching others it is possible to awaken the heart. Through practicing tantric massage some of the higher qualities of human beings can be awakened such as empathy, compassion and unconditional love. Tantric massage makes these qualities more present in an individual.

To achieve this powerful form of transformation in a person, Tantric massage is much more than a normal massage. It offers a complete body experience which through touch and massage awakens the senses, performed in a loving way and with an awareness of the recipients needs. By encompassing the whole body, this sensual massage can become a holistic experience, touching mind, body and soul. The heart chakra is awakened and opened in a way that the recipient can truly feel. When couples experience tantra massage together in a relaxed and open manner, their auras are said to fuse.

In London, WINKS offers an internationally acclaimed sensual massage service offering expert, sexy masseuses who have a detailed understanding of Tantra and massage. WINKS have made this form of exotic massage accessible to not only couples, but also to any men and women who wish to enjoy the benefits of Tantra massage at home or at a chosen hotel. The loving touch of the WINKS Masseuse can help to develop positive sensual and emotional experiences in relationships and teach recipients how to experience deeper levels of connection and fully harness the power of touch.

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Author: Laura Piana