The joy of sensual massage

Tuesday 6th Sep 2011      14:01:02

Tantric massage is an intensely seductive experience which will calm and awaken every muscle in the body, and invigorate all nerves and impulse points throughout the physical and mental being. By guiding the mind and body through the art of sensual massage and gentle touch, people can discover new levels of pleasure and self knowledge. A combination of nude massage techniques are used with influences from therapeutic deep tissue massage, Swedish, Thai and tantric massage all culminating into a joyous sensual experience.

WINKS is an expert in massage providing London a luxurious and sensual massage service. Their masseuses are adept at using the art of touch to transport their clients to achieve a sacred connection with their inner being and in their relationships. In addition to exotic massage intentional and deep breathing techniques can be used. Visualisation is also powerful in enabling people to relax and achieve the highest level of sensual enjoyment.

Tantric massage enables the masseuse to create a bridge between a person

Author: Laura Piana