The Hotels of London

Wednesday 6th Oct 2010      10:00:03

Every week of the year London is full of visitors. Whether they come for business or pleasure they visit in their millions and the capital offers something different for each of them. Of course, London can be done on a budget, but for those who are looking for a five-star experience in their visit the very best is always available. For those who are used to the best that life can offer London is a Mecca with some of the most lovely luxury hotels in the world. Interestingly, whilst every capital has good hotels and even great hotels, London has far more than most capitals. The West End has the best shows in the world and the gourmet will find the most fantastic food. For those who have money, London has experiences to offer that rival and exceed the rest of the world.

One experience recommended by many concierges at the best hotels in the city is a full body massage in London. They understand that being relaxed in body and mind will make the London experience even better for their guests than if they are tense and stressed due to jet lag, for instance. Of course they understand how important discretion is and are scrupulous in making only carefully-considered recommendations for both the guest

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Author: Laura Piana