The Cost of Luxury

Monday 11th Oct 2010      10:00:14

Everyone enjoys luxury and some have the opportunity to experience it more often than others because luxury comes at a cost. Silk will always cost more than polyester and you will never get a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford, but, for some, only the very best is good enough regardless of the price tag. For those fortunate enough to be in this position the world is full of opportunities to be enjoyed and experienced, but they are astute enough to know the difference between something which is the best and something which is merely expensive.

London is a wonderful city for the wealthy to experience and has, for years, boasted some of the best hotels in the world. Of course London has moved with the times and there are now some exquisite serviced apartments for those who choose more privacy and like a sense of having their own home within the city without having the bother of maintaining one. Whether they choose a hotel or a serviced apartment, the services of a good concierge are never underestimated by those who know about luxury travel.

One of the services that many of the best recommend for their visitors is a sensual massage from a WINKS Masseuse. Travelling can be stressful and exhausting, and the luxury of the very best naked massage in the capital can be just the thing to perk up even the most tired, leaving them re-energised and ready to see the sights. As the service is only available as a visiting massage it is simplicity itself to arrange for a masseuse to visit, and the type of customers that use the service appreciate the convenience and discretion that this allows. From the moment the client telephones to arrange an appointment it is obvious that the WINKS Experience is redolent of style and luxury.

The masseuses themselves are attractive, refined and discreet; of course they are also highly-skilled practitioners of the ancient arts of naked massage. They excel at relaxing their clients so that they can luxuriate in a deeper, more sensual massage. By encouraging relaxation by degrees the skin becomes increasingly sensitised and even the slightest touch becomes an exquisite experience. This is not something that the average masseuse can provide, so it is hardly surprising that many clients arrange for a WINKS Massage every time they visit London.

Luxury is inextricably entwined with sensual experience, the touch of velvet, the smell of the most expensive perfumes or the taste of a fresh truffle. The luxury of a massage in London from a WINKS Masseuse involves not just touch but also the finest perfumed candles, expensive hypoallergenic body oils and dimmed lights all go to make this about more than an experienced pair of hands. For anyone visiting London who appreciates, and can afford the best that money can buy then this is a luxury that should not be missed and one which is likely to leave an indelible mark on the memory.

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Author: Laura Piana