The Best Sensual Massage

Wednesday 23rd Jun 2010      10:00:58

If people have a taste for the finer things in life, then they are likely to have a stronger connection with their senses than others. For example, if they are an avid wine collector, they will be familiar with the process of sampling various wines. Savouring the taste. Allowing their taste buds to fully absorb the various flavours. Breathing in the aroma beforehand. They will perhaps spend a considerable amount of time truly enjoying the glass of wine, rather than simply drinking it and moving onto the next.

If people enjoy dining out on a regular basis, they will perhaps be used to trying new dishes at various restaurants, experimenting with different types of foods from different countries, continents, cultures. They will be constantly focusing on the taste, texture and aroma of what they are eating, as well as its presentation. If people eat slowly and consciously, focusing on every bite rather than simply eating mechanically, then they are likely to be much more aware of the body

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Author: Laura Piana