Tantra for the connoisseur

Friday 17th Apr 2009      08:16:40

There is no doubt that it takes time and practice to become a Tantra connoisseur and that for the uninitiated receiving Tantra for the first time the sensations can be overwhelming. In the hands of those who understand Tantra and for those experienced in receiving a WINKS sensual massage, the sensations are whole body. It is hard to describe how good it feels to give oneself over to the complete sensations of a sensual massage and for those that experience WINKS for the first time the feelings are truly wonderful if not totally overwhelming.

Many people are denied the pleasures of sensual touch and fill the void with other pleasures such as eating and shopping. The sensations and satisfaction that a sensual massage brings far outweighs the transitory delights of a glass of wine or even buying a highly desired pair of shoes. Women often have a greater understanding of sensuality than men and because of the natural desires that most men have for women, a sensual massage is always given by a WINKS masseuse who is both highly experienced and supremely beautiful. Women are more than happy to have a female masseuse and in most instances would rather be touched by a woman than a man when being massaged. The natural dominance that a man has over a woman does not encourage total relaxation, and total trust is required for any massage to be wholly effective.

There is no doubt that both men and women prefer to be touched when being massaged by a woman. WINKS London has only the very best of women in terms of looks and knowledge in the techniques of Tantra and other forms of sensual massage. Women who share special times with another woman benefit from feeling safe and from feeling whole. Men have different emotions when it comes to touch and being touched. WINKS London have wonderful women who understand the way men think and can help them to enjoy the full massage experience from the moment the female masseuse takes off her clothes to the moment that the man gives of himself entirely.

Touch and touching in the hands of people who know what works and what doesn

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Author: Laura Piana