Partying Hard – Playing Even Harder

Wednesday 16th Jun 2010      10:00:50

Many visitors to London go for the city itself - to steep themselves in its culture and surroundings and soak up all the history embedded into every brick wall. There are many though who visit the city for the nightlife. To spend their hard-earned money eating at some of the top restaurants in the world and gambling it all for a win at a luxury casino. These people know how to relax, how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

But after a hard night of partying hard and earning a well deserved break, they will retreat to the top hotels in London for five-star elegance. They will be exhausted after their evening of indulgence, but will still want to go that extra yard when spending time in the city. They will want to play even harder by experiencing the ultimate in relaxation.

But, sadly, the ultimate in relaxation is a service that is scarcely offered - even by some of the most luxurious hotels in the capital. But when they phone down to the concierge desk to enquire, the porter knows exactly who to recommend. WINKS London.

The hotels know that a WINKS Massage is a service that will leave all recipients completely satisfied. Not only satisfied, but longing for more as they reach a plain of relaxation that they are sure to have never felt before. The distributor of this massage in London? A beautiful WINKS Masseuse who has absorbed all knowledge of ancient and modern massage techniques into her persona and being.

Only the most beautiful ladies can become a WINKS Masseuse, but WINKS also recognise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That

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Author: Laura Piana