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Sunday 27th Mar 2011      10:01:40

London offers international business travellers a fantastic venue for trade meetings, and for many international companies this dynamic city has become a main player in their business dealings. In addition to its business prowess, however, London is also a place where executives can enjoy some of the finer shopping and personal services in the world. For those that enjoy a luxury lifestyle, London fits the bill, and when the board meetings and hard negotiations have come to an end executive can enjoy the fruits of their labour in one of the most popular and versatile cities in Europe.

London is one of the best places to go when looking for personal and bespoke services. Savile Row is the place to head to when looking for the perfect handmade suit. British tailoring is at its finest here, and suits are created by craftsmen using old-fashioned methods. Visit Henry Poole & Co at no.15; this was the very first tailor on Savile Row and is said to have invented the tuxedo. In addition to this you

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Author: Laura Piana