Incredible Asian massage in London

Monday 23rd Nov 2009      10:00:41

There are many different types of massage around in the world today, and each one has a very specific purpose, which is the primary reason why they came into being. Asian massage is said to have the ability to change the condition and the shape of tissues. Anyone who has ever suffered from an old sports injury will truly appreciate the benefits of this type of massage.

Asian massage in London employs a number of varied techniques depending on what it is that the client is looking for. For instance a client that is looking for relief from stress will require a different massage to the client who is looking for relief from a sprained muscle or fatigue for example. The benefits of Asian massage are numerous and we will try to condense them briefly to give a better idea.

One of the most important things to remember about Asian massage is that it comes from a time and culture where there were no medicines like we have in the Western world so this type of massage was used to treat many ailments such as aches and pains and to restore health from the battle field. The benefits of this type of massage really are extraordinary.

The Asian full body massage

The Asian full body massage is one of the great Asian massage London techniques for full body relaxation. The masseuse uses their hands as well as their arms to knead out tension in certain parts of the body. The masseuse will start by applying pressure to certain parts of the body using the fingers and in other areas the thumbs, this is in order to warm up the muscles for the full body massage to follow. This type of Asian massage is great for stress relief and has been known to get rid of headaches and minor aches and pains.

Japanese massage of Indonesia

This kind of massage is another very sought after technique because of the benefits it brings to overall health of the body. The masseuse uses oils in this massage and it is great for treating fractures and alleviates back pain and relieves tension in the body. The masseuse uses all parts of their hand to do this massage and that means in order to knead out the tension they will use their knuckles, their palms and fingers to get the job done.

This is by far the most robust of the Asian massages and is sometimes quite painful but the health benefits of this massage far outweigh the lesser evils. Requesting this kind of massage will leave you changed and revitalised like never before, keeping in mind that it has the ability to change tissue from bad to good.

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Author: Laura Piana