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Saturday 12th Sep 2009      10:51:24

When you book a WINKS sensual massage, you can expect to be treated to simply the best that sensual touch and massage has to offer. Our ladies are well trained and highly skilled in the art of massage, knowing exactly how, where and when to relax your senses and your body. Sensual massage is also set apart from any other massage because it entices your senses, your emotions and your body far more than any other type of massage ever can.

Anticipation at its best

When you book a sensual massage from WINKS, you are guaranteed satisfaction and contentment with the service rendered and the effects thereof. Your sensual massage experience begins the moment you browse through our website and make the decision to book a session.

From that moment onwards, the excitement begins to build. Anticipation starts to simmer heatedly once you make the phone call and book your sensual massage session with one of our talented masseuses. From that time on you will be feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive. The anticipation, excitement and building tension will make your sensual massage experience all the more enjoyable.

By the time your masseuse arrives, your sensual tension and anticipation will allow the energy to flow freely between the two of you. Music of your choice will set a relaxing and sensual mood for the massage to come. Your personal masseuse for the evening will oil you up with fragrance free oil that will add to your sensory delights her hands move easily across your skin. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic massage oil is used so as to ensure a pleasant experience without the possibility of irritation or allergic reaction.

The ultimate enjoyment

Your energy will mingle with that of your masseuse as her hands work your body, your sensuality and your relaxation to a peak. At this point you are likely to find the ultimate stress relief and satisfaction in sensual massage. The sensory teasing and enticement of the sensual massage from our beautiful masseuse is heightened by nudity. It is at this time that many clients take the time to appreciate the beauty of the nude human form, the efficiency of their masseuse and the dexterity of her hands. Every inch of your own body will enjoy her attention and all that she has to offer you.

Relaxation and ultimate bliss is the aim of WINKS sensual massage and that is exactly what you get. It is never rushed; your masseuse will always take her time to give your entire body the utmost care and attention. She will make sure that you enjoy every moment that she spends on you.

There is honestly nothing better than a WINKS sensual massage. It is pure indulgence at its best, something that is a must for any self respecting individual to experience. It is an experience that you will never forget, that you will treasure for the rest of your life and one that you will want to indulge in over and over again because you simply cannot get enough of a good thing.

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Author: Laura Piana