Develop body awareness with tantric massage

Saturday 15th Oct 2011      09:49:44

In Tantra, the art of tantric massage is about developing an awareness of the sensation of touch and then tracing that sensation back to its source. Through sensual massage, a greater capacity to experience pleasure can be developed and growing self knowledge can have a truly positive impact on many areas of life. WINKS offer sensual massage throughout London, and to experience the full benefits of this practice, it should take place in a private and familiar place, such as your hotel room or home.

One of the key elements of exotic massage is for the recipient to maintain full awareness throughout the massage experience. Taking time to enjoy all the tactile pleasures of a nude massage is something that can help enlighten not only the body, but the mind too. Giving your full attention to sensation allows the body to relax more readily and fully. Taking time over several sessions to train yourself to connect with massage can make tantric massage sessions much more enjoyable.

This exotic massage, offered throughout London with WINKS, can help almost reprogram a person

Author: Laura Piana