Choosing A Luxury Massage

Friday 10th Sep 2010      10:00:10

Some massages cost more than others. In fact there are huge variations in the price of a full body massage in London, and before choosing where or who to use it is worth considering what is actually on offer across the capital. After all, very few people are experts on choosing the right masseuse; anyone can claim to be a masseuse because there are no rules, laws or official recommendations to regulate the service and no checks on the individuals who are employed by most businesses. Thanks to this there are great differences in the abilities and services on offer.

A skilled masseuse is much sought after. Although the art of massage is taught on many different beauty therapy and physiotherapy courses, there is a world of difference between this and the luxury massage. A WINKS Masseuse will not only be well versed in the physical therapy aspect of sensual massage, but will also have a deep understanding of how a much more meaningful, holistic experience may be imparted. A truly luxurious sensual massage does not consist of an impersonal rub down in an environment devoid of atmosphere; it involves setting a scene with scented oils, candles and relaxing music in comfortable surroundings. A beautiful WINKS Masseuse pays as much attention to getting this right as she would over her immaculate looks. The WINKS Masseuse understands that only when the time is taken to stimulate the other senses can a person truly lose themselves in a sensual massage and, after all, someone who is used to paying for only the very best would naturally expect this.

Within London alone there are many places that offer massage - some basic, some medicinal, some where the term massage is merely a euphemism for something else and some that offer a true luxury massage. Of these WINKS is the established best and the only one to receive glowing media reports. Naturally they are very choosy about the masseuses who represent them.

This is essential as they are literally the face, and the hands, of the company. They are from many different backgrounds but they all have stunning bodies and beautiful looks. However, whilst they have to be immaculately presented their appearance alone would not get them a call. It is essential that they are empathetic enough to immediately put their clients at ease, but also be highly intelligent in order to learn all the various sensual massage techniques they are trained in.

A WINKS Naked Massage in London is far more than a specified routine. It is adapted to suit the individual client to ensure that their experience is intensely delightful and satisfying. Luxury sensual massage is all about the client and, as such, demands total concentration together with amazing technique. This in turn leads to the ultimate massage where the client simply drifts into the whole experience and reconnects with themselves in a profoundly enjoyable manner. It takes a very specially trained masseuse to make this happen which is why WINKS takes such care in choosing and training their amazing masseuses.

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Author: Laura Piana