Both women and men need stress relief through sensuality

Friday 24th Jul 2009      14:21:52

What defines a naturist massage is that the masseuse performs the massage in the nude and usually the person receiving the massage is also naked. Naturist massage is highly popular with both men and women that enjoy the naturist lifestyle. At the same time nude massage is sought by people who want a totally relaxing massage that is liberating and sensual in the extreme.

WINKS specialise in sensual naturist massage that invigorates the body and gives intense stress relief at the same time. What makes the WINKS naturist massages so different is that you do not have to go to them, the fully trained WINKS naturist masseuses come to you. The extra benefit of this is that you stay exactly where you are when the massage has been completed. You do not experience a disruption in the state of relaxation and stress relief that the naturist massage has brought about.

Relaxed atmosphere

The naturist masseuse will create the perfect atmosphere at your venue of choice to ensure your full relaxation throughout. All she requests is that you take a shower or bath shortly before she arrives, so that your body is fragrant and your muscles relaxed. This enhances the essence of the naturist massage greatly for you. The naturist masseuse works from the standpoint of total respect for your wishes and you can make requests during the beginning of the massage. The criteria for any requests are that you show respect for the masseuse and treat her with respect and courtesy throughout your naturist massage session.

Benefits for both men and woman

The WINKS naturist massage is aimed at both men and women to ensure that total stress relief is achieved through the sensual touch of different massage techniques. The masseuse will use each part of her body to enhance the experience for men and women. The aim is to please all your senses to the utmost in an atmosphere heightened by soft candle light and music. The naturist masseuse will help you to overcome your inhibitions completely and thus enable you to get greater enjoyment from the massage so that you are totally refreshed afterward.

Leaves you invigorated

Each WINKS naturist masseuse is trained in various techniques of sensual massage that relaxes all your muscles as it arouses your senses. The combination of relaxation yet heightened perceptions through arousal is a powerful combination. Men and women find that they experience the stress relief benefits of a sensual naturist massage long afterwards.

The variety of sensual stress relief naturist massages available from WINKS ensures satisfaction for everyone.

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Author: Laura Piana