Unique Experiences On Luxury Breaks In London

Monday 20th Sep 2010      10:00:37

Britain is without a doubt beautiful and there are lots of fantastic places to visit, but London is still the place that most tourists visit each year. Whatever the budget, London has accommodation and entertainment but it is at its best in the luxury bracket. Modern five star hotels and older, world-renowned hotels sit cheek by jowl in the centre of the city offering the best in accommodation and service to the discerning traveller. In terms of history, the city has so much to offer that a visitor could stay for a month and still find hidden gems to explore.

Unfortunately, for most visitors they simply do not have enough time at their disposal to visit at their leisure and time constraints mean that things have to be fitted into the schedule.

Add to this the problem of jet lag and the luxury break can be less about the sights and more about the sighs. Those in the know often use the services of a WINKS Masseuse when they arrive as these discreet masseuses can be booked to visit their hotel room at the client

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Author: Laura Piana