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Friday 6th Nov 2009      10:00:31

These days, most of the food that we dine on is not as natural as it should be, the air that we breathe is not as natural as it should be and the lifestyles that we lead are not as natural as they should be. Is it any wonder that so many of us are afflicted with unnatural ailments?

Massage has always been considered to be one of the most natural ways of treating the human body of ailments and illnesses. Long before we had the modern medicines of today, humans treated each other with massage. This treatment has been practiced in India for over five thousand years and is still very much alive and part of their modern culture as well. Modern medicine says that there are over eighty different types of massage that have different effects on the body and lymphatic system.

The popularity of massage has grown so much so that there are machines that have been invented to replicate the natural practice of massage but in truth there can be no substitute for something that is inherently natural in its nature. In order for massage to really have a deep and healing effect it has got to hold true to the oldest form of communication between human and that is natural touch.

An all natural process

No two people are the same when it comes to the confidence they have about their bodies and yet all bodies are essentially the same, some may look different, but all bodies are the same and react the same way. One of the most natural methods of massage is a naked massage in London. What is truly exceptional about this kind of massage is that is almost primal and ancient in its application. Do this and you will forever be changed, in a very good way. Many people have their guard up about being totally naked because they realise on a deeper level that they are exposing themselves totally.

Breaking through that mind set and experiencing the freedom of letting go completely by having a naked massage in London at WINKS. It will change your life forever.

Experience true rejuvenation

Have you ever considered that human beings are mind and body creatures? This essentially means that whatever you believe in your mind your body will find a way to do. Believing that there is shame in being naked will cause your body to react accordingly, and the body will most naturally produce wrinkles and spots and every shameful thing that it can produce to align the body with what the belief system is.

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Author: Laura Piana