Exploring the sensual side of tantric massage

Sunday 2nd Oct 2011      09:35:59

Just what is the sensual side of Tantra? Tantric massage is based on an ancient belief system that is grounded in the principle that if your energy cannot move unrestricted around the body then your capacity to enjoy sensual experiences will be limited. Tantra techniques, including nude massage, can help to remove any blockages that may prevent your sensual energy from circulating freely. A persons mind, breath and sensual energy are intrinsically linked, so the ability to achieve a state of absolute bliss can be prevented not just in your sensual relationships, but on all other levels of your life.

Many people never truly relax, and this can be for any number of reasons. Simply the stresses and strains of daily life can result in people finding it very difficult to wind down in body and in mind. It can take time to learn how to find this kind of peace, but sensual massage can be a great vehicle for relearning your body's patterns and capacity to enjoy pleasurable sensations.

Most people spend a great deal of their time trapped in their own thoughts. Nude massage can help a person escape from this and lose their self consciousness so that they can fully enjoy the blissful sensations the body is capable of. Tantric massage can also help people to begin to reprogram their thinking habits and raise their self awareness a little each time. This then makes sensual moments all the more relaxing and fulfilling, as well as having a positive influence on many other areas of life.

WINKS have developed a range of massage services in London that can be enjoyed within the familiar and private confines of the home or hotel room. Their famously attractive masseuses fully understand the Tantric arts and are expert in providing spell binding sensual massages.

Author: Laura Piana