Thursday 26th Feb 2009      12:05:12

Tantra is the ancient Indian art of spiritual sensuality. It involves a deep study of ones sensual nature, linking the mind, the body and the soul. It is a wholesome study of the interaction between the individual vital forces of the body, analysing their synergistic effects. More than just a physical experience, this massage involves connecting with the soul in a manner that is unlike any other technique. Sensuality thus becomes sacred, transforming from a primal force into a subliminal one. WINKS Masseuses are thoroughly trained in the ancient arts of tantra, effectively creating a uniquely authentic spiritual and sensual massage experience, resulting in an unparalleled explosive nirvana. Combined with attention to detail and five-star services, WINKS London consistently provide the finest sensual massage service you will encounter in London.

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Author: Laura Piana