Sensual Naked Massage

Wednesday 27th May 2009      07:10:41

We are all sensual beings and men and women have completely different needs and wants when it comes to sensuality. WINKS London provides naked massage for women because it is only through nudity and complete trust that there can be ultimate fulfilment.

Desire has to be understood before it can be addressed and that is why every WINKS masseuse has to go through extensive training to fully understand the psyche that separates the needs and wants of men and women.

Hands and feet are incredibly important in the massage process as well as the lower back and inner thighs. Visual stimulation is probably more important to men than women, which is why the WINKS masseuses are always entirely naked.

The WINKS masseuses are trained to understand the different needs and wants of men and women but also to reach in and help clients discover new ways to stimulate and relax. Couples often invite two WINKS masseuses to visit them in their home as they want to learn how to discover new ways of stimulating each other. By nurturing inner emotions and deeply buried sensations it is possible for people to achieve levels of contentment and satisfaction that they didn

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Author: Laura Piana