Incall and outcall naturist massage – the differences

Wednesday 2nd Sep 2009      10:34:44

People are often unclear what about what the differences are between Incall naturist massage and outcall naturist massage. Incall naturist massage services mean that you must go to the masseuse and visit her at her salon or private residence. WINKS offer a full outcall naturist massage service, thus you never have to travel. Our naturist massage ladies come to you at your home or whatever location you specify.

Incall services

With an Incall naturist massage your will arrive at the salon or private residence of the masseuse. She will control the lighting, temperature and usually have music to create a relaxed mood. The Incall naturist massage lady will make sure that there are no disturbances with loud music, televisions or disturbing phone calls. There is no chance of anyone disturbing you when you go for an Incall naturist massage.

You are completely away from your usual environment. During your Incall naturist massage you will be lying on a massage table that many people do not find incredibly comfortable. Some people feel that an Incall naturist massage is less expensive, that is why they go for this option.

At the end of your Incall naturist massage you are completely relaxed and feel wonderfully pampered. Then comes the bucket of cold water over your head effect; you have to get up, get dressed and head out to go back home or to your hotel. You lose a huge part of the great benefits of a naturist massage as you have to drive through traffic and simply be in the midst of bustling crowds. Not a wonderful feeling after your incredible pampering session.

Outcall services

WINKS outcall service will bring your visiting masseuse to your door for your naturist massage. You do not travel at all; you only have to make your booking with our friendly WINKS receptionist. During your outcall naturist massage you are in your own chosen environment or you are in your own home, completely in your familiar and comfortable environment.

Your masseuse will set the ambiance of the naturist massage with sensual music and candles before she starts her naturist massage. If you are a visitor to London, you will never get lost with one of our outcall naturist massage sessions as you do not have to travel anywhere. WINKS naturist massages give you everything that you will get from an Incall naturist massage, but in more comfort.

Simply blissful

WINKS visiting naturist massage leaves you in a blissful state of complete relaxation and satisfaction. But, the greatest part is that you do not have to get up, get dressed and go out into world, you can simply stay exactly where you are and continue in your blissfully relaxed state.

WINKS naturist massage sessions are set up to fit in with your schedule, whereas with an Incall salon service you have to fit into their schedule when they have a vacancy. WINKS visiting naturist massage gives you the far better option and the experienced masseuse is always worth every penny.