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Saturday 27th Nov 2010      14:44:11

London is a haven for the wealthy and those devoted to the finer things in life. For travellers who have a strong appreciation of all that is luxurious and rich about the world, London is a much sought after destination. There is so much to offer someone with a high penchant for exquisite and tasteful services and experiences. Most people will arrive in London with a host of places to visit in mind. For luxury trips away, the discerning visitor may choose to see the high spots that the common traveller will miss. Little Venice is an attraction visited often by the rich and famous, and was an area frequented by Robert Browning. Others may choose to visit Camden Lock on a luxury boat, perhaps stopping off to sample the food and other delights of the market. Alternatively, wealthy travellers will immerse themselves in the designer world of Knightsbridge, stopping off to visit the famous Harrods store, whilst perhaps visiting Hyde Park, one of the finer parks in London. For lovers of the theatre and opera, perhaps a trip to Albert Hall is on the menu, appreciating the best view from luxury seats above the stage.

However, there is one truly sumptuous experience that should not be missed. A visiting massage in London from a WINKS Masseuse is a service that befits those who enjoy experiences which excel above the rest. This extravagant and exclusive service typifies the excellence which can be found in London. WINKS Massages are second to none, and there is a wide variety of massages to choose from, including the immune-boosting and revitalising Oriental massage offered across London, to the sensual and relaxing tantric massage.

The art of body massage is truly understood by the WINKS Masseuse. As experts in all manner of sensual massage, they understand that the experience is more than just the practice of the full body massage itself. Clients return time and again to enjoy the total ambience created so skilfully by these gifted women.

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Author: Laura Piana