Can a positive attitude to sensuality re-energise men?

Wednesday 15th Feb 2012      12:29:14

Male sensuality is a complicated subject, with many feeling that western society adopts a repressive approach toward sensual fulfilment. A perfect antidote to repressed sensuality is a unique form of tantric massage, which aims to reconnect a man with his innate sensual energy in a positive and healthy way.

Those men who deny themselves sensual bliss can often experience feelings of confusion and frustration in many areas of life. After all, sensuality is an instinctual need in everyone. The introduction of regular sensual massage, expertly delivered by stunning WINKS London masseuses, is a positive step towards balancing sensual outlooks and achieving a more rounded physical and emotional health. WINKS Massage London offers a new concept in sensual touch and exotic massage, in a London hotel or home, exclusively designed to help the recipient to experience ultimate relaxation and tactile pleasure.

More than just sensual enjoyment for the body, a tantra-inspired massage from WINKS aims to utilise all of the senses, providing a fully immersive journey which can bring an inner-peace to the mind as well. The link between sensual well-being and overall physical and emotional health has been proven time and again. With the WINKS nude massage London experience, sensuality which has been dormant or repressed can be channelled in a truly positive way to help spread this new-found freedom into many areas of the recipient

Author: Laura Piana