A London sanctuary with WINKS Massage

Saturday 12th Mar 2011      16:29:42

London is the perfect retreat for tired and weary business executives that travel the globe and are looking for somewhere chic and sophisticated to recharge their batteries. The city offers its guests a world of fine luxury and internationally acclaimed products and services that promise exclusivity and premium service. For those that understand quality and refinement London has a natural calling. Here within its famous streets are some of the oldest and most traditional personal services from tailors to jewellers to art sellers. Mixed in with the time-honoured is the contemporary and trend-setting from stylish bars to cutting edge music. London has it all.

There is a wide range of stunning places to visit and plenty of luxury excursions for those people in the know and able to open those private doors. A trip round Knightsbridge will reveal row upon row of designer boutiques and stores, some of which global giants that have established themselves at home in London

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Author: Laura Piana