Your body will thank you for this

Friday 13th Nov 2009      10:00:42

If you have ever had a spouse, friend or family member give you a short neck rub then you have no doubt experienced a minute part of the pleasure that comes from a massage. If you have never experienced a massage from a professional masseuse then you are definitely going to want to broaden your experiences with a full body massage London.

Science has proven over the years that the body and the mind are very intricately connected. Many people are not aware of this and those that do hear about this begin by thinking that they have got to approach some mystical shaman in order to breach the gap. The truth however is much simpler than that.

Everything that we experience in our body we experience in our minds first and that is because our minds are essentially the engine of the body. Much of the daily stresses of life that cause anxiety are actually not enough to cause the panic that it does and yet people still find themselves helpless.

Disconnecting the mind to relax

It is true that while we enjoy sleep daily there remains a part of us that does not shut down and that is the unconscious mind.