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Friday 23rd Jul 2010      10:00:49

The journey to Heathrow can be treacherous, especially for those who are flying in from America. Many Americans choose to visit London because of its history and the huge range of things to see and do, but their opening visit to the capital can be hampered by jetlag meaning they miss a good day or two of solid touring.

Americans want the best when they visit London, and so choose to stay in the best five-star hotels on the planet. They want hotels that are close to all the most incredible sights and sounds; that are within walking distance of the most expensive restaurants and bars. Most of all they want to get that special feeling that only London can offer, from their head down to the tip of their toes.

But when staying in their hotel the concierge will be able to tell them about another service that can offer the same feelings

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Author: Laura Piana