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Wednesday 9th Mar 2011      16:22:08

Many a business leader or international executive is attracted to the bright lights of the UK capital, London. However it is not the traditional sights and attractions of London that lure these discerning visitors across the globe to this city full of energy and style. A trip to Buckingham Palace or around the Tower of London may be something to pass a few hours, but for sophisticated travellers there is much more to be discovered in this many layered city. Away from the standard tourist circuits is a world of style, glamour and luxury that will beguile and enchant those with an eye for all that is chic and elegant. There are many high-end exclusive personal services to enjoy here that make London the perfect indulgent playground for discerning adults.

If this is the first visit to London then a tour of the city will help to establish which of the many indulgent services here should be appreciated first. Taking a luxury car out along the streets of the city will give visitors a chance to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful and mesmerising city. Cruising the city lights and taking well-chosen detours to some of the lesser known London gems offering the level of personal service and self-indulgence that only money can buy.

For visitors who have a well-developed appreciation of food, architecture and personal service there are many lavishing indulgent hotels to enjoy. Here visitors can refuel and recharge in opulent surroundings soaking up the ambience and general buzz of London. In addition to fine wines, fine food and fine surroundings, five star luxury accommodation will also open up the doors to one of the finest massages in the world - the WINKS Naturist Massage. The WINKS Massage is one of London

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Author: Laura Piana