Sensual massage techniques

Wednesday 26th Aug 2009      10:00:01

A WINKS nude massage is a beautifully refreshing experience to have. Our high quality, professional visiting massage service will begin with the arrival of a stunning female masseuse who has been highly trained in order to make her clients feel at their most relaxed. Taking complete control of the atmosphere in the room, candles and incense will be lit and gentle relaxing music will be played setting the perfect scene for you.

This stage of the sensual massage is when the client first begins to relax and feels excitement before the masseuse continues to prepare to deliver a deeply refreshing naturist massage.

Any WINKS executive massage will begin with the masseuse completely naked to provide you with the ultimate stress release massage. Our masseuse is able to connect with your inner most desires through sensual touch.

Often, executive massages can be tailored to suit your specific sensual massage desires. Your masseuse will perform a nude massage on your legs, back, shoulders and feet before moving to other vital areas of your body.

Our WINKS masseuse will be rhythmic and sensitive starting with long gliding strokes and continuing to deeper motions for ultimate relaxation.

Executive massages from WINKS are enjoyed by all people from any walk of life and the exceptional training and beauty of our masseuses means that our clients are always completely satisfied with our visiting massage service.

A skill that they have learnt from training and practice is knowing how to clearly read a client