Naked executive massage

Monday 10th Aug 2009      10:00:20

Taking part in a WINKS executive sensual massage is an experience to be completely enjoyed. With two parties involved in this stress release massage, this is an intimate experience which provides the utmost of pleasure for all our clients.

For a truly sensual massage experience, both parties need to understand what this profoundly naturist massage involves. For anyone who has decided to indulge themselves in an executive massage with WINKS, whether it is a man or a woman who wants to experience this naked massage, our beautiful female masseuses are able to ensure both feel great pleasure.

The WINKS naked massage experience will begin with the prompt arrival of an extremely beautiful female masseuse who is experienced at making any client feel relaxed. The masseuse will take complete control of the atmosphere by lighting incense and candles and playing sensual massage music.

When clients have showered in preparation for their naked massage the WINKS masseuse, also naked, prepares to give the client a naturist massage that will be remembered for a long time. WINKS masseuses are in control of the situation completely and all touch is instigated by the beautiful woman who is looking after the client