Executive massage – a lavish and sensual luxury

Monday 17th Aug 2009      10:00:45

WINKS have a long and enviable reputation of being the creator and designer of one of the most talked about sensual massage concepts available today. As WINKS strive for consistent excellence in providing the best naturist massage experiences to our customers we are now able to provide exceptional sophistication, complete gratification and a very reliable service. Our executive massage is one of the most satisfying and thrilling experiences that you will encounter in your lifetime.

Providing a complete sensory surrender during your stress relief massage is what our masseuses will give you to provide the maximum in stress release massage indulgence. Our naked massage services are fully personalised and we believe that we have provided the ultimate in sensory pampering experiences. Our executive massage redefines the notion of what a truly relaxing executive massage service should be and we believe that it is a discovery to be enjoyed with maximum pleasure.

Our visiting massage service was the first to really define the true meaning of the definitive executive massage service. Our services mean that you can explore an otherwise unfound universe of blissful pleasure and relaxation with complete stress release massage.

Now you can open the gateway to amazing sensations through the ultimate creation of delicate Californian style massage strokes or sensual Eastern massage moves which have been adapted from ancient ritual techniques for modern day stress release massage needs.

The executive massage at WINKS has been seamlessly created to blend intense full naked massage bliss with stress release massage to provide a stress melting satisfaction.

All massages will exclusively use unscented, hypoallergenic, non-staining premium silicone oil with incense and candles made by L